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HC81Q-1350 Scrap Steel Baler

HC81Q-1350 Scrap Steel Baler

The HC81Q-1350 scrap steel baler can cold compresses waste automobile shells, waste buckets, copper and aluminum into rectangle lumps. The package is discharged from the front and secondary compression is applied. The operation efficiency is high and lump lengths are uniform. The hydraulic system applies an integrated valve block and the product is stable and reliable in technical performance.

Feature of Scrap Steel Baler:
This scrap steel baler is made from China bailing machine manufacturer MAC Industrial Co., Ltd. It's capable of compressing various leftover, housing of junk, cab, metal structural, metallic chips into cuboids bales. The density of these bales is high, so that they are convenient to store, transportation and metallurgy.

Up to now, the company has approved by ISO9001 (2000) Quality System, CQC and honored by “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product”. As a China baling machine manufacturer, MAC is also known as “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”. MAC Industrial Co., Ltd has realized to produce 500 balers, 800 shears, 100 shredders and 25 set scrap steel shredder line annually. The products are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.

  Parameter of Scrap Steel Baler:

Model Nominal Force Press Box Size (L×W×H) Bale Size (W×H) Bale Density Capacity Cycle Time Power Bale Discharging/ Operation
(KN) (MM) (MM) (KG/M3) (KG/H) (S) (KW)
HC81/Q-1350 1350 1100×600×600 1300×600×600 (50-300) ×600×240 ≥1800 1800-2500 150 18.5 22 forward-out, manual valve control
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