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PSX-1200 Scrap Metal Shredder Line

PSX-1200 Scrap Metal Shredder Line

PSX-1200 scrap metal shredder produces a shredded density of 65-70 pounds per cubic foot. The approximate capacity of the unit is 25 to 40 tons per hour. The shredding machine is powered by a 1,200 KW motor.

PSX-1200 scrap metal shredder line is mainly for recycling hard material (automobile, TV, the shell of washing machine and refrigerator, big pipes, pipe fittings, forklift splint, tires, packing barrel.) It can be used to shred aluminum, copper and other metal with light hardness and the thickness of steel less than 10mm.

Parameters of Scrap Metal Shredder:

  Model Wide of feed opening(mm) Power of machine (KW/HP) Capacity (T/H)
PSX-1200 2500 1200(1600) 25-40

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