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HC82-25 Series Vertical Balers

HC82-25 Series Vertical Balers

Vertical balers can bale a wide variety of materials. Industrial balers are typically used to compact similar types of waste, such as office paper, cardboard, plastic, foil and cans, for sale to recycling companies. HC82-25 series vertical balersare made of steel with a hydraulic ram to compress the material loaded. Some balers are simple and labor-intensive, but they are suitable for smaller volumes. Other balers are complex and automated used where large quantities of waste are handled.

The Application of HC82-25 Series Vertical Balers:
Use for baling: Knitting wool, waste cotton, wool tops, loose fibers, paper, plastic, straw, cotton yarn, pieces of cloth

Parameters of Vertical Balers:

Type Use for baling Bale size (L×W) Bale weight Dimension(L×W×H)
(C M) (KG) (CM)
HC82-25X Knitting wool, waste cotton 100×45 ≥100 180×65×370
HC82-25Q wool  tops 105×70 18/24 pieces 150×120×360
HC82-25M Loose fibers 100×45 ≥100 180×65×370
HC82-25F Paper , plastic ,straw 108×78 ≥220 180×120×370
HC82-25K Cotton yarn 110×33 20 packets 180×52×350
HC82-25B Pieces of Cloth   20 pieces 180×60×350

Our vertical balers are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and waste recovery and so on. As a China baling equipment supplier, we have owned the self-managerial Import and Export Authority for several years. Our vertical balers have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East Africa and the Southeast Asia regions.

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