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PSX-1500 Scrap Steel Recycling Line

The PSX-1500 scrap steel recycling line is ideally suited for shredding waste vehicles (ELV) and light iron. Once shredded into small pieces, the material is fed into a sophisticated sorting system and become various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, glass, etc. which can then be fully recycled. The PSX-1500 scrap steel recycling line is able to offer secure mutilation, enabling highly sensitive products to be removed from the commercial cycle.

Applications of Scrap Steel Recycling Line:
Large white goods, such as fridges, cookers etc, which fall into the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations, to prevent pollution, can be shredded, enabling all of the different plastics and metals to be segregated and sorted so that they can be readily re-used.

Parameters of Scrap Steel Recycling Line:

    Model Wide of feed opening(mm) Power of machine (KW/HP) Capacity (T/H)
PSX-1500 2500 1500(2000) 40-50

AS a professional China metal shredder manufacturer, our advantages are as follows:
1. The sample products of scrap steel recycling lines are inspected regularly.
2. Compare with normal ones, our machines are equipped with imported seal ring to prevent oil leak.
3. Our scrap steel recycling line works stably with lower noise.
4. We provide six months' guarantee period, installation of the equipment and teach you how to handle the machine.
5. We can make products according to customer's needs.

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