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HPA Series Horizontal Baler with Automatic Belting

  • HPA500 Automatic Belting Horizontal BalersThe HPA500 automatic belting horizontal balers are efficient, automatic in baling a variety of materials (from cardboard, paper to packing material and fibers). The key features of this 50 ton auto-tie baling machine are fully automatic compressing, strapping, wire cutting, and bale ejecting. This ...
  • HPA630 Open Door Horizontal Baler HPA630 open door horizontal balers compress waste from the side and work with auto feeding and strapping. Most of horizontal balers are fed by conveyor belt, cyclone or forklift for continuous feeding. This kind of 63ton open-door horizontal baling machinery can be classified into closed end and open end ...
  • HPA800 Auto-Tie Horizontal BalersHPA800 auto-tie horizontal balers are for compressing waste papers into compact sizes. The baling machine reduces the volume of waste piles. The main feature of HPA800 auto-tie horizontal balers is the scrap baler is equipped with initiative twin-cylinder and isolated twisters that can tie the bale ...
  • HPA1000 Wide Mouth Horizontal BalersHPA1000 wide mouth horizontal balers, with the wide body design, own wider, heavy-duty structure with a larger feed opening. Larger hopper openings can be used to quickly bale corrugated cardboard and other grades of paper. Wide mouth auto-tie balers are well suited for distribution centers ...
  • HPA1250 Fully Automatic Horizontal BalersThe HPA1250 fully automatic horizontal balers from MAC are designed for optimum performance and increased durability. The 125 ton horizontal belting baler is a unique design which maximizes baling speed and output, an optional lid feature to increase tonnage capacities without increasing horsepower requirements ...

HPA series horizontal baler with automatic belting is applied in baling and belting of loose materials like scrap paper (cardboard, newspaper), plastic scraps (PET bottle, plastic film or crates) and straw, etc.

Features of HPA Series Horizontal Baler with Automatic Belting:
1) The HPA auto-tie baler is equipped with PLC control system, touch screen, visible windows, real-time diagram of movements and alarm.
2)  The floating neck is movable on 3 directions (left, right and up).
3) Automatic belting speeds up baling process.
4) Spherical connection between pushing cylinder and ram ensures reliability and service life of seals in cylinder.
5) Dispersed cutting blades of horizontal baler with automatic belting are used on feeding opening to ensure efficiency.
6) Design of low-noise hydraulic circuit with high efficiency and low trouble rate.
7) Easy installation without foundation.

Parameter of Horizontal Baler with Automatic Belting:

Model Force(TON) Pressure (KG/CM2) Feeding Opening (L×W)MM Power (KW) Bale Spec (MM)
HPA500 50 9.6 900×720 22 720×720
HPA630A 63 12.1 900×720 30 720×720
HPA630B 63 7.9 1450×720 30 720×1100
HPA800A 80 10.1 1450×720 45 720×1100
HPA800B 80 6.6 1450×1100 45 1100×1100
HPA1000A 100 8.2 2000×1100 60 1100×1100
HPA1250A 125 10.3 2200×1100 74 1100×1100
HPA1000B 100 7.2 2000×1100 60 1250×1100
HPA1250B 125 10 2200×1100 90 1250×1100
REMARKS: Bale length is adjustable, non standard design and customization of products is possible. Optional equipment includes iron chain conveyer, PVC belt conveyor, or pneumatic conveyor(air duct)

1.HPA500 Automatic Belting Horizontal Balers
2.HPA630Open Door Horizontal Balers
3.HPA800 Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers
4.HPA1000 Wide Mouth Horizontal Balers
5,HPA1250 Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers

There are abundant technical force, advanced test equipment, technology and completed testing means. According to requests of ISO9001:2000 international standard quality system, the products are carried on strict control in the design, production, examination, sale and service. We specially produce ”MAC ” crocodile type metal shears, metal hydraulic baler, 4-column presses, chemical fiber baler, horizontal baler with automatic belting, plastic baler, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, disintegrator and so on.