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HC41 Sheet Metal Shear

HC41 Sheet Metal Shear

HC41 series of sheet metal shears are mainly applied to shear sheets of steel, copper and nickel, etc. This kind of metal shear adopts hydraulic instead of traditional mechanical transmission. Its operation is stable.

MAC Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional China slitting machine manufacturer, our advantages include:
1. The sample products of Sheet Metal Shear are inspected regularly.
2. Compare with normal ones, our machines are equipped with imported seal ring to prevent oil leak.
3. Our sheet metal shear works stably with lower noise.
4. We provide six months' guarantee period, installation of the equipment and teach you how to handle the machine.
5. We can make products according to customer's need.

Parameters of Sheet Metal Shear:

Type Nominal Force(KN) Blade Length (MM) Shearing Frequency(time/min) Max Material   Size (Sheet Steel) (MM) Power(KW)
HC41-1000 1000 400 8~12 12×350 7.5
HC41-1200 1200 400 8~12 12×350 11
HC41-1500 1500 400 8~12 16×350 15
HC41-1600 1600 450 6~10 25×400 15
HC41-2000 2000 450 6~10 25×400 22
HC41-2500 2500 400 8~12 20×350 22
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