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HPM Series Horizontal Balers with Manual Belting

  • HPM500 Horizontal Manual Belting BalerWe build high quality horizontal manual belting balers that bale non-ferrous scrap metal. These powerful horizontal balers can be used to bale copper, recycled construction aluminum and scrap metal. Whether it's horizontal manual belting balers for paper, balers for plastics, cardboard, or waste, we ...
  • HPM630 Manual Tie Horizontal Baler The HPM630 horizontal baler with manual belt, also known as semi-automatic horizontal baler is used for pressing various material including both solid material and hollow plastic material. The horizontal baler with manual belt is widely used in a variety of facilities, such as paper or ...
  • HPM800 Closed End Horizontal BalerThis closedend horizontal baler is versatile, cost effective and efficient. It always forms an integral part of any waste management chain. HPM800 is with 8o ton force. This closedend horizontal baler will save space, time and money. It also produces mill size bales to optimize your waste compaction ...
  • HPM1000 Horizontal Manual Tie BalersWith 100 ton power, HPM1000 horizontal manual belt baler make wastes very manageable. The manual tie bailing machine is ideally suited for printers and small warehouses where automation is a prime consideration. The manual tie bailing machine is controlled by PLC for minimum operator ...
  • HPM1250 High Density Manual Tie Horizontal BalersHPM1250 high density manual tie horizontal baler has under carful selection. Some key factors of selecting a manual tie closed door system: There's full bale ejection of baling machine above the vertical door; Vertical PLC controlled door system, shear blade on compaction platen and full stroke ...

HPM series of horizontal balers with manual belt can be applied in baling and belting loose material like scrap pap (cardboard, newspaper), plastic scraps (PET bottle, plastic film or crate and straw, etc).

Features of HPM Horizontal Belting Baler:
1) Horizontal structure: feeding can be manual or automatic with conveyor
2) PLC control, push-button operation, safe and reliable
3) Manual belting

Parameter of HPM Series Horizontal Balers with Manual Belting:

Model Force (TON) Pressure (KG/CM 2) Feeding Opening (MM) Power  (KW) Bale Spec. (MM)
HPM500 50 9.6 900×720 15 720×720
HPM630A 63 12.1 900×720 18.5 720×720
HPM630B 63 7.9 1450×720 18.5 720×1100
HPM800A 80 10.1 1450×720 22 720×1100
HPM800B 80 6.6 1450×1100 22 1100×1100
HPM1000A 100 8.2 2000×1100 30 1100×1100
HPM1250A 125 10.3 2200×1100 37 1100×1100
HPM1000B 100 7.2 2000×1100 30 1250×1100
HPM1250B 125 10 2200×1100 37 1250×1100
Remarks: Bale length is adjustable, non standard design and customization of products is possible.  Optional equipment includes iron chain conveyer, PVC belt conveyor, or pneumatic conveyor(air duct)

1.HPM500 Horizontal Balers with Manual Belt
2.HPM630 Manual Tie Horizontal Balers
3.HPM800 Closed End Horizontal balers
4.HPM1000 Horizontal Manual Tie Balers
5.HPM1250 High Density Manual Tie Horizontal Balers

Found in May, 2007, MAC Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional horizontal balers with manual belt manufacturer. With 7.25 million yuan register capital, MAC has grown stronger in recent years. Up to now, the company has approved by ISO9001 (2000) Quality System, CQC and honored by “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product”. As a member of CRRA (China's Resources Recycling Assembly), MAC is also known as “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”.