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PSX-900 Steel Recycling Line

PSX-900 Steel Recycling Line

Steel recycling line is used to scrap waste materials. This metal scrap shredder is mainly used for scrap automobiles, discarded appliances and thin scrap machine. The effective recycling of scrap metal resources greatly reduce the consumption of natural mineral resources, mining, and to reduce land use, reducing the total social energy consumption, saving investment, protect ecological environment, improve labor productivity purpose.

Steel recycling line is for processing scrap waste car bodies, tin, bicycles, cans and other waste into superior raw materials. Continuously through the machine grinding, remove the coating, to improve the proportion of volume, to vote in the electric furnace to prevent the explosion, to enhance the dissolution rate in a certain state, to meet the steel mills "fine material into the furnace.

Parameter of Steel Recycling Line:

  Model Wide of feed opening(mm) Power of machine (KW/HP) Capacity (T/H)
PSX-900 2200 900(1200) 20-30

MAC Industrial Co., Ltd (Predecessor Jiangsu Shanguan Huacheng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a professional China metal scrap shredder manufacturer and locates in the prosperous Jiangsu. The traffic is very convenient for the beautiful Taihu in the South, Yangzi River in the north. We are the professional manufacture of steel recycling line and scrap processing equipment. The products are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.

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