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HC81F-630 Scrap Metal Baler

HC81F-630 Scrap Metal Baler

HC81F-630 scrap metal baler, also known as hydraulic metal baler, is applied in steel plants, recycling companies to press metal scraps for storing, transporting and recycling. The scraps include steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, discarded automobiles, metal sheet, iron, etc. Thus the scrap baler machine can reduce cost of transportation and speed up furnace charging.

Features of Hydraulic Metal Baler:
The HC81/F-630 scrap metal baler increases the value of the metal and reduces the volume of waste. With a competitive price and lid baling force of 63 tonnes, this machine has a good performance.

Found in May, 2007, MAC Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional China scrap baler machine supplier Our products include:alligator Shear, hydraulic metal balers,loose material balers,horizontal balers, four column hydraulic machine, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, scrap steel shredder line and so on.

Model Nominal Force Press box size
Bale size
Bale Density Capacity Cycle time Power Bale Discharging/
(KN) (MM) (MM) (KG/M3) (KG/H) (S) (KW)
HC81/F-630 630 1000×600×500 (180-250)×190×190 ≥1800 500-1000 90 7.5 Turn-out , hand valve control
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