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HBS-600 Hydraulic Baler Shears

HBS-600 Hydraulic Baler Shears

This HBS-600 hydraulic scrap metal shear baler is with 6000 ton cutting force. It's robust and easy to operate. These bailing machines are indispensable because they can be used as both the loader and crusher. An industrial loader can fill into the balers, or mechanical arms for loading materials can be added to HBS-600 hydraulic scrap metal shear baler. Owing to its adaptability, the rapidity of this kind of China bailing shear machine in the processing of scrap metal and its compactness makes transport easier. The HBS-600 hydraulic baler and shears is important for scrap metal recycling facilities.

Features of Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Baler:
1. This baling shear is automatically cycle-sheared with high force.
2. Sequential automatic baling is available.
3. Centralized automatic greasing system makes this baler and shear different.
4. The cutting blade of the hydraulic scrap shear baler is reversible.

Parameters of Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Baler:
Max Cutting Force (ton): 600
Press Box Size (mm): 720×650
Feed Opening (mm): 6000×2500
Production Rate (tons/h): 8.0-22.0
Shearing Frequency (times/min):3-4
Main Motor (KW): (3+1) ×90

Advantages of MAC Industrial Co., Ltd:
1. The sample products are inspected regularly.
2. Compare with normal ones, our machines are equipped with imported seal ring to prevent oil leak.
3. Our baler shears works stably with lower noise.
4. We provide six months' guarantee period, installation of the equipment and teach you how to handle the machine.
5. As a professional China baling shear supplier, we can make products according to customer's needs.

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