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HPA1250 Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers

HPA1250 Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers

The HPA1250 fully automatic horizontal balers from MAC are designed for optimum performance and increased durability.
The 125 ton horizontal belting baler is a unique design which maximizes baling speed and output, an optional lid feature to increase tonnage capacities without increasing horsepower requirements, and a large hopper opening to accommodate conveyor-fed operations. The highest level of process customization, diagnostics, and production status motoring is made simple through the use of programmable logic controllers. The need for a baler operator has been virtually eliminated. The hydraulically-actuated wire tying capability ensures simplicity, ease of adjustment, and long component life.

The HPA1250 fully automatic horizontal balers, therefore, widely used for baling Municipal Domestic Waste , Industrial Waste and Refuse Derived Fuels  in applications such as Waste transfer Stations, Landfills. It can also be combined with a Bale wrapping unit for a particularly hygienic landfill solution.

Parameter of Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler:

Model Force(TON) Pressure (KG/CM2) Feeding Opening (L×W)MM Power (KW) Bale Spec (MM)
HPA1250A 125 10.3 2200×1100 74 1100×1100
HPA1250B 125 10 2200×1100 90 1250×1100
REMARKS: Bale length is adjustable, non standard design and customization of products possible. Optional equipment includes iron chain conveyer, PVC belt conveyor, or pneumatic conveyor(air duct)

There are abundant technical force, advanced test equipment, technology and completed testing means. According to requests of ISO9001:2000 international standard quality system, the products are carried on strict control in the design, production, examination, sale and service. As a 125Ton China horizontal belting baler supplier, we specially produce ”MAC ” crocodile type metal shears, fully automatic horizontal baler, 4-column presses, chemical fiber baler, scrap paper baler, plastic baler, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, disintegrator and so on.

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