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HC81T-2500 Heavy Duty Metal Baler

HC81T-2500 Heavy Duty Metal Baler

HC81T-2500 heavy duty metal baler is used to press the leftover metal materials like steel shavings, scrap steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel to be qualified furnace with shape of cuboids, octagon, cylinder and so on, which not only decrease the cost of transportation and smelting, but also increase the speed of casting. This scrap bailing machine with nominal force 2500kn is applied in steel factories, recycling industries and ferrous metallurgical works.

Feature of metal baler:
1. The heavy duty metal bakers are hydraulic driven with manual valve or PLC control.
2. The way of bale-discharging: turn-out, push-out, forward or manual discharging.
3. No footing bolts are needed in scrap baling machine installation. The diesel engine can replace electric power.
4. There are ten grades of baling force form 63 to 400 tons; the productivity ranges from 4 to 40 tons per day.

Our products are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and waste recovery and so on. We have owned the self-managerial Import and Export Authority for several years. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East Africa and the Southeast Asia regions.

Parameter of 2500KN Heavy Duty Scrap Baling Machine:

Model Nominal Force Press box size (L×W×H) Bale size (W×H) Bale Density Capacity Cycle Time Power
(KN) (MM) (MM) (KG/M3) (KG/H) (S) (KW)
HC81/T-2500A 2500 2000×1400×900 (400-700)×500×500 ≥1800 3500-5000 160 44or60
HC81/T-2500B 2500 2000×1400×1200 (450-800)×600×600 ≥1800 3500-5000 160 60
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