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Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

We offer the most comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinder seals, such as piton seal, rod seal, wiper scraper seal, O ring, etc. They can be widely applied to mobile hydraulics, standard cylinders, machine tools, injection molding machines, presses in the following fields: aerospace, ship, forging, mine, petroleum, chemical, plastic, metallurgical, building and other industries. Due to the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, the best performances of hydraulic cylinder seals are certainly. The hydraulic cylinder seal profiles in our company are available for both uni-directional and bi-directional applications.

1. This hydraulic cylinder seal can resist high or cold temperature.
2. Another advantage of this product is non-toxic, tasteless.
3. The adsorption performance of this hydraulic cylinder seal is good.
4. This products are durable and no easy to discolor.
5. In addition, there are also many features, such as chemical stable performance, good mechanical strength, aging resistant, oil resistant, wear resistant, acid and alkali resistant, etc.
5. When combined with wear rings, cylinder seals provide long life and leak free performance.

Specifications of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal:  
1) Available material: PU+POM, NBR
2) Hardness: 90 shore A;
3) Certification: ISO9001: 2000;
4) Working temperature: -40° C ~ +80° C;
5) Working pressure: ≤ 320bar;
6) Back and forth speed: ≤ 0.5m/s;
7) Conveying medium: Mineral oil and air;
8) Customer's samples and drawings are accepted

Our products include:
Alligator Shear, hydraulic metal balers, loose material balers, horizontal balers, four column hydraulic machine, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, scrap steel shredder line and so on. Our products have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, America, Brazil, Ukraine, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Yemen, Hong Kong and South Africa, etc. Hydraulic cylinder seals are vital to the products above and in other fields.

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