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HC83 Series of Metal Chip Briquetting Presses

HC83 Series of Metal Chip Briquetting Presses

Metal chip briquetting presses are designed to make maximum use of metal scraps from soft metals to hard cast iron scraps. The HC 83 series of metal briquetting machine is used to compact machining scraps. The finished briquettes can be directly put into smelting furnaces. The process leads to enormous economic benefits both for companies and foundries.

HC 83 series of metal chip briquetting press is suitable to compress metal sawdust (steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper) into high-density cylindrical briquettes. This metal chip shaving press is used to reduce burning loss, and easy for recycling and smelting.

1) The metal chip briquetting press is hydraulically driven. There’s no vibration during working process. It’s safe and reliable.
2)  Simple installation equipment is needed.
3)  The machine is controlled by PLC control: manual and automatic operations are available.

Parameter of Steel Briquetting Machinery:

Type Nominal Force (TON ) Briquette Size(MM) Pressure on Briquette (Mpa) Power (KW) Capacity(kg/h)
HC83-2500 250 Ø 110×(50~60) 236 18.5 800 (cast iron sawdust)
HC83-3150 315 Ø 125×(50~60) 250 22 1200 (cast iron sawdust)
HC83-5000 500 Ø 110×(50~60) 500 30-45 1200 (lead sawdust) 1500 (cast iron sawdust) 3500 (lead/red brass sawdust)
Ø 140×(50~60) 325 30-45
Ø 180×(50~60) 200 30-45

As a China steel briquetting machinery supplier, MAC is also known as “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”. MAC Industrial Co., Ltd has realized to produce 500 balers, 800 shears, 100 shredders and 25 set scrap steel shredder line annually. The metal chip briquetting presses are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.

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