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HC81F-2000 Scrap Metal Baling Press

The HC81F-2000 hydraulic scrap metal baler, also known as metal baling press machine, is used to cold compresses waste automobile shells, copper and aluminum into rectangle lumps. The package of this China scrap steel baler is push forward to the front and is twice compressed. The hydraulic system is equipped with an integrated valve block.

Feature of China Scrap Steel Baler:
1. The longest main cylinder of this hydraulic press machine works at a high speed and its operation efficiency is twice as much as the same type machines in China.
2. The metal baling press machine for export includes main machine and hydraulic system. It occupies small area and can be directly put into use.
3. The package is compact and nice.
4. The metal baling press machine is fully automatic.

Advantages of MAC Industrial Co., Ltd:
1. The sample products are inspected regularly.
2. Compare with normal ones, our machines are equipped with imported seal ring to prevent oil leak.
3. Our baler shears works stably with lower noise.
4. As a professional China scrap steel baler manufacturer, we provide six months' guarantee period, installation of the equipment and teach you how to handle the machine.
5. We can make products according to customer's needs.


Model Nominal Force Press box size (L×W×H) Bale size (W×H) Bale Density Capacity Cycle time Power Bale Discharging/ Operation
(KN) (MM) (MM) (KG/M3) (KG/H) (S) (KW)
HC81/F-2000 2000 1600×1200×800 (400-700)×400×400 ≥1800 3000-4000 160 30 or 37 Turn-out, manual valve control or PLC control
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