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Scrap Steel Shredder Line

  • PSX-400/450 Metal Shredder PSX series 400/450 metal shredder or scrap shredder is used to dispose waste car body, tin plate material, waste electrical appliance, etc, into superior materials. These kind of metal shredding solutions own the capability of removing the coating, intensifying density and dissolving. As a result, the ...
  • PSX-750 Metal Shredder LineThe PEX-750 metal shredder line is used to scrap the inclusions, non-ferrous metals, remove attachment in waste automobile, appliances and thin materials. This kind of shredding machine produces pure high-quality scrap by scrap processing. With 750kw power, this kind of metal shredder line is eco-friendly ...
  • PSX-900 Steel Recycling LineSteel recycling line is used to scrap waste materials. This metal scrap shredder is mainly used for scrap automobiles, discarded appliances and thin scrap machine. The effective recycling of scrap metal resources greatly reduce the consumption of natural mineral resources, mining, and to reduce ...
  • PSX-1200 Scrap Metal Shredder LinePSX-1200 scrap metal shredder produces a shredded density of 65-70 pounds per cubic foot. The approximate capacity of the unit is 25 to 40 tons per hour. The shredding machine is powered by a 1,200 KW motor .
    PSX-1200 scrap metal shredder line is mainly for recycling hard ...
  • PSX-1500 Scrap Steel Recycling LineThe PSX-1500 scrap steel recycling line is ideally suited for shredding waste vehicles (ELV) and light iron. Once shredded into small pieces, the material is fed into a sophisticated sorting system and become various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, glass, etc. which can then ...
  • PSX-2000 Recycling Shredder LinePSX-2000 recycling shredder line is with 2000kw power. This is a typical single industrial shredder is widely used in tire recycling field. Our PSX-2000 recycling shredder lines take the scrap metal chip and turn it into a metal grain. The processed materials can be used for various applications for recycling ...

PSX series of Scrap Steel Shredder Lines are designed to process waste car body, tin plate, waste appliance, bicycles, empty cans etc, to make them into superior materials for steel. By constantly smashing, the material will be raised in density and reduced capacity, and the scrap steel shredder line eliminates the exposure of materials.

Applications of Scrap Steel Shredder Line:
1)Whole or flattened car bodies (without tire, gas, pneumatic cylinder, engine and gear box)
2)Tin plate material
3)Home appliances (without motor, compressor and axils)
4)Bicycles and similar materials
5)Empty tanks (without liquid materials and painting, etc)
6)Other scrap for shredding

The below models based on the different power consumption

  1. PSX-400/450 metal Shredder Process Line
  2. PSX-750 metal Shredder Line
  3. PSX-900 steel recycling Line
  4. PSX-1200 Scrap Steel Shredder Line
  5. PSX-1500 Scrap steel recycling Line
  6. PSX-2000 Recycling Shredder Line
  7. PSX-2250 Scrap metal Recycling Shredder Line
  8. PSX-3000 Recycling Shredder process Line
  9. PSX-4500 Large-scale Scrap Steel Shredder Line

Parameter of Scrap Steel Shredder Line:

  Model Wide of feed opening(mm) Power of machine (KW/HP) Capacity (T/H)
PSX-400/450 1200 400KW(450KW)/535HP 6-10
PSX-750 2200 750(1000) 15-20
PSX-900 900(1200) 20-30
PSX-1200 2500 1200(1600) 25-40
PSX-1500 1500(2000) 40-50
PSX-2000 2000KW 50-60
PSX-2250 2250(3000) 60-80
PSX-3000 2500 (98104) 3000(4000) 80-100
PSX-4500 4500(6000) 100-160

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