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HC 82-160Q High Rebound Material Baler

Concerning “high rebound” material, tire is the typical example. Baling tire requires a baling machine that is strong enough to offset the rebound properties of the rubber that makes up these items.
A tire baler or HC 82-160Q high rebound material baler is a necessary equipment for tire dealers and tire-recycling facilities. It can save storage space and raise your revenue by increasing the efficiency and size of your recycled loads.

Features of High Rebound Material Baler:
1. Front and back opening doors for convenient strapping and bale ejecting
2. Prevent the compacted tires from rebounding
3. Ensure operational safety and easy opening and closing

Application of HC 82-160Q High Rebound Material Baler:
Baling Application: car tires, truck tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires etc.

Parameters of High Rebound Material Baler:

Type Use for baling Bale size (L×W) Bale weight Dimension(L×W×H)
(C M) (KG) (CM)
HC 82-160Q wool  tops 110×76 36/48 350×300×550

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