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HC 82-120 Series Long Stroke Baler

HC 82-120 Series Long Stroke Baler

This long stroke baler, also known as thevertical hydraulic press and aluminum can baler, is designed for long stroke pressing. It is a compulsory piece of equipment for any plastic or recycling operation. And this vertical hydraulic press is ideal for crushing hollow products such as PET bottles and aluminum cans into tight, compact bales for easy handling, storage, and transportation.
In terms of power and bale sizes, our long stroke baler models can produce up to 880lb bales (final weight will depend on the materials pre-bale density). Volume reduction ratio can reach 25:1 (this is one of the main advantages of the long-stroke - it ensures full compaction of materials like cans and bottles).We have several different models with varying chamber sizes.

The Features of HC 82-120 Series Long Stroke Baler:
1. Ensures full compaction of every hollow article in the bale. This is especially important with aluminum cans and similar.
2. Liquid drainage tray for collecting and draining out the residual liquid in the containers. This is a must-have for any baling of containers that contain liquids. 
3. Auto chain bale ejector for automatically ejecting bales out of the chamber through the lifting force of the chain. 
4. Long stroke baler can prevent the compacted material from rebounding 

The Application of Vertical Hydraulic Press:
HC 82-120 Series long stroke baler baling application: Sacks, pieces of cloth, wool tops, etc.

Parameters of Long Stroke Baler:

Type Use for baling Bale size (L×W) Bale weight Dimension(L×W×H)
(CM) (KG) (CM)
HC 82-120B Sacks, pieces of cloth   100 pieces 360×80×450
HC 82-120Q wool  tops 110×76 36   pieces 300×250×450

As a member of CRRA (China's Resources Recycling Assembly), MAC is also known as “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”. MAC Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional China vertical hydraulic press supplier. The long stroke balers are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.

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