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HC43 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear

  • HC43-630 Hydraulic Crocodile ShearJiangsu MAC Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd owns an excellent range of hydraulic crocodile shears to serve different purposes with cutting blade. HC43-630 hydraulic crocodile shears with 63ton shear force are applied in metal recycling, automobile dismantling plants ...
  • HC43-1000 Alligator ShearAlligator shears are used for cutting long-length metal stock or scrap. Alligator shears are often used together with large metal shredders in the metal recycling industry. HC43-1000crocodile shearing machine is with 100 shear force and is suitable for various industrial applications. As the market leader ...
  • HC43-1600 Scrap Metal Alligator Shear HC43-1600 alligator scrap metal shear with 160ton shear force is suitable for metal recycling industry, scrap plant. This machine is used for smelting and casting various shapes of steel with cold shear and integrates with qualified charging. HC43-1600 scrap metal alligator shear is hydraulically ...
  • HC43-1200 Hydraulic Alligator ShearHydraulic alligator shears are mainly applied in metal recycling companies, scrap plant to smelt and cast various shapes of steel with cold shear into qualified charging. HC43-1200hydraulic alligator shear is characterized by high safety, excellent quality, and reliability...
  • HC43-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal ShearThe HC43-2000 hydraulic scrap shear is the ideal machine for cutting heavy bare stock, beams, and stainless. This metal shear with 200ton shear force can bear tough working conditions. HC43-2000 hydraulic metal shears are mainly applied for metal recycling plant, scrap vehicle dismantling market ...
  • HC43-2500 Guarding Alligator Shear The HC43-2500 alligator shear is used for a variety of cross sectional shape, such as: round, square steel, angle steel, I-beam, steel plate, steel and other scraps. This crocodile metal shear with 250 ton shear force is semi automatic. It’s easy to control. Notched blades of the alligator shear are ...
  • HC43-3150 Guarding Hydraulic Alligator Shear HC43-3150 guarding hydraulic alligator shear is designed with intensive motor power. The shear works rapidly and is automatically converted. The crocodile-type shearing machine is characterized by restoring the original shear force which improves nearly doubled work efficiency. HC43-3150 ...
  • HC43-4000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Alligator ShearsThe HC43-4000 hydraulic scrap metal alligator shears are applied in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industry to cold-shear section steel and metallic structural parts. The processed materials can be shaped as: round, square, angle steel, I-beam ...

HC43 hydraulic scrap metal shear or alligator shear is suitable for metal recycling plant, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industry to cold-shear section steel and metallic structural parts. This kind of China alligator shearing machine is mainly used in steel recycling plants, scraped automobiles industry, smelting and casting to cold cut all kinds of section steels in to various qualified charging.

1) The hydraulic scrap metal shear is hydraulic driven, high reliability and easy handle.
2) The blade lengths: 200mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
3) No footing bolts are needed in installation. You can use diesel engine when electricity is not available.

The HC43 hydraulic scrap alligator shear includes:
1.HC43-630 Hydraulic Crocodile Shea
2.HC43-1000 Alligator Shear
3.HC43-1200 Hydraulic Alligator Shear
4.HC43-1600 Scrap Metal Alligator Shear
5.HC43-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear
6.HC43-2500 Guarding Alligator Shears
7.HC43-3150 Guarding Hydraulic Alligator Shears
8.HC43-4000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Alligator Shears
9.HC43-5000 Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Guarding Alligator Shears


Type Max Shear Force (TON) Max Holding  Force (TON) Blade Length(MM) Max Blade Opening (MM) Shear Frequency (time/min) Material Size(MM) Power(KW) Operation
HC43-630 63 16 600 280 9-16 30×30   Ø35 7.5 Manual Freeing, manual or automatic operation
HC43-1000 100 16 600 280 9-16 40×40   Ø45 11
HC43-1200 120 20 600 280 9-16 45×45   Ø50 15
HC43-1600 160 25 700 320 9-16 55×55   Ø 63 18.5
HC43-2000 200 25 800 380 9-16 65×65   Ø 75 22
HC43-2500 250 26 1000 480 9-16 70×70   Ø 80 30
HC43-3150 315 42 1200 520 8-16 80×80   Ø 90 37
HC43-4000 400 42 1500 700 8-16 90×90   Ø 00 44
HC43-5000 500 42 1800 900 8-16 100×100  Ø110 44