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High Pressure Piston Pump

High Pressure Piston Pump

It is a constant power variable piston pump. This high pressure piston pump can be widely applied in aerospace, ship, forging, mine, petroleum, chemical, plastic, metallurgical, building and other industries. The structure of this piston pump is precise, smooth and abrasive resistance. Its structure includes plunger and barrel assembly and delivery valve assembly. This equipment can be divided into axial and radial high-pressure plunger pump. For the first type, the motor direction of piston is parallel to the central axial.

Operation Principle:
The operation principle of this high pressure piston pump is simple. The transmission shaft is connected with block with spine. This can put the cylinder in motion. Then the seven pistons on the cylinder can twist around the transmission shaft.

Operation Specification:
1. Please check out the oil level of high pressure piston pump and the water level of emulsified liquid.
2. Pay attention to the safe valve.
3. Check the quality of plunger pump, valves, pipeline, etc.
4. Turn off the power supply of lubrication pump after the running of high pressure piston pump.
5. Forbid knocking stress equipment, such as container, pipeline, valve, etc.

There are abundant technical force, advanced test equipment, technology and completed testing means. According to requests of ISO9001:2000 international standard quality system, the products are carried on strict control in the design, production, examination, sale and service. We specially produce ”MAC ” crocodile type metal shears, metal hydraulic baler, 4-column presses, chemical fiber baler, scrap paper baler, plastic baler, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, disintegrator and so on. The piston pump plays an important role in these main products.

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