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HC43-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear

HC43-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear

The HC43-2000 hydraulic scrap shear is the ideal machine for cutting heavy bare stock, beams, and stainless. This metal shear with 200ton shear force can bear tough working conditions. HC43-2000 hydraulic metal shears are mainly applied for metal recycling plant, scrap vehicle dismantling market, metal smelting and casting industry. The processed steel is of various shapes, like round, square steel, channel steel, I-beam steel plate, pipe, etc.

Features of Hydraulic Scrap Shear:
1. Permanent or detachable mechanical rebar can bear tough cutting.
2. Notched blades of this metal shear with 200ton shear force are particularly for cutting round stock – it won't deform material.
3. This hydraulic scrap shear is equipped with oil reservoir heater.
4. The metal shear adopts gasoline engine for remote area operation.
5. The voltage can be varied in accordance with the situation.

Parameters of Hydraulic Scrap Shear:
Max Shear Force (TON): 200
Max Holding Force (TON): 25
Blade Length (MM): 800
Max Blade Opening (MM): 380
Shear Frequency (time/min): 9-16
Material Size (MM): 65×65   Ø 75
Power (KW): 22
Operation: Manual Freeing, manual or automatic operation.

Advantages of MAC Industrial Co., Ltd:
1. The sample products are inspected regularly.
2. Compare with normal ones, our machines are equipped with imported seal ring to prevent oil leak.
3. Our baler shears works stably with lower noise.
4. We provide six months' guarantee period, installation of the equipment and teach you how to handle the machine.
5. We can make products according to customer's needs.

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