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HPM1000 Horizontal Manual Tie Balers

With 100 ton power, HPM1000 horizontal manual belt baler make wastes very manageable. The manual tie bailing machine is ideally suited for printers and small warehouses where automation is a prime consideration. The manual tie bailing machine is controlled by PLC for minimum operator intervention. With a baling capacity of up to 4-5 tons/hour, the horizontal manual belt baler will solve waste problems as well as reduce removal costs.

The Features of HPM1000 Horizontal Manual Belt Balers:
1. The structure of operation panel is simple.
2. There’s signal when bales are processed by the horizontal manual belt baler.
3. UK brand seal rings.
4. CE Standard.
5. Robust body structure.
6. The length of bale is variable.

The HPM1000 horizontal manual belt baler can be used to process a variety of materials such as PET, aluminum or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and similar material with no fluffing or preconditioning.

Parameters of Horizontal Manual Belt Baler:

Model Force (TON) Pressure (KG/CM 2) Feeding Opening (MM) Power (KW) Bale Spec. (MM)
HPM1000A 100 8.2 2000×1100 30 1100×1100
HPM1000B 100 7.2 2000×1100 30 1250×1100
Remarks: Bale length is adjustable, non standard design and customization of products is possible.  Optional equipment includes iron chain conveyer, PVC belt conveyor, or pneumatic conveyor(air duct)

There are abundant technical force, advanced test equipment, technology and completed testing means. According to requests of ISO9001:2000 international standard quality system, the products are carried on strict control in the design, production, examination, sale and service. We specially produce ”MAC ” crocodile type metal shears, metal hydraulic baler, 4-column presses, horizontal manual belt baler, scrap paper baler, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, disintegrator and so on.

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