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HC43-1600 Scrap Metal Alligator Shear

HC43-1600 alligator scrap metal shear with 160ton shear force is suitable for metal recycling industry, scrap plant. This machine is used for smelting and casting various shapes of steel with cold shear and integrates with qualified charging. HC43-1600 scrap metal alligator shear is hydraulically driven.

Features of Alligator Scrap Metal Shear:
1. Sealed taper roller bearings are adopted within this scrap metal alligator shear.
2. The manual or automatic cycling is controlled by adjustable stroke.
5. There are four serrated cutting edges of blades.
6. This 160ton shear force alligator shear can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Parameters of Alligator Scrap Metal Shear:
Max Shear Force (TON): 160
Max Holding Force (TON): 25
Blade Length (MM): 700
Max Blade Opening (MM): 320
Shear Frequency (time/min): 9-16
Material Size (MM): 55×55   Ø 63
Power (KW): 18.5
Operation: Manual Freeing, manual or automatic operation

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