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HC82 Series of Loose Material Balers

  • HC82-25 Series Vertical BalersVertical balers can bale a wide variety of materials. Industrial balers are typically used to compact similar types of waste, such as office paper, cardboard, plastic, foil and cans, for sale to recycling companies. HC82-25 series vertical balersare made of steel with a hydraulic ram to compress the ...
  • HC 82-63 Series Standard Mill Size BalerThe HC 82-63 series of standard mill size baler is ideal for recycling programs. There are standard baler and the most advanced vertical balers. With automated rear chutes and conveyors, the speed and bale weights can vary widely depending upon specific needs and the type of industrial balers implemented...
  • HC 82-120 Series Long Stroke BalerThis long stroke baler, also known as thevertical hydraulic press and aluminum can baler, is designed for long stroke pressing. It is a compulsory piece of equipment for any plastic or recycling operation. And this vertical hydraulic press is ideal for crushing hollow products such as PET bottles ...
  • HC 82-160Q High Rebound Material BalerConcerning “high rebound” material, tire is the typical example. Baling tire requires a baling machine that is strong enough to offset the rebound properties of the rubber that makes up these items.
    A tire baler or HC 82-160Q high rebound material baler is a necessary ...
  • HC 82-200Q Shrink Wrap BalersThere are a lot of companies throwing their plastic and shrink wrap into bins and sending it off to landfills. Therefore they missed a good opportunity of baling and recycling shrink wrap. Shrink wrap baler is compact and light. The plastic baler takes up less space and economical ...

HC82 series of loose material balers can press and pack loose materials like cotton yarn,waste cotton, pieces of cloth, wool tops, etc. The bales have larger density and uniform, suitable for containerized transportation. HC82 series are also applicable in compressing scrap paper, plastic scraps, straw, metal cans and tins, so that they're of small size for easy carrying and low-cost transportation.

The Features of HC82 Series of Loose Material Balers
(1) Baling force from 15 to 200 tons with a variety of models and specifications.
(2) Hydraulic drive and top-mounted cylinder.
(3)Imported seals used in cylinders to ensure quality and durable use.

Parameters of Loose Material Baler:

Type Use for baling Bale size (L×W) Bale weight Dimension(L×W×H)
    (C M) (KG) (CM)
HC82-25X Knitting wool, waste cotton 100×45 ≥100 180×65×370
HC82-25Q wool  tops 105×70 18/24 pieces 150×120×360
HC82-25M Loose fibers 100×45 ≥100 180×65×370
HC82-25F Paper , plastic ,straw 108×78 ≥220 180×120×370
HC82-25K Cotton yarn 110×33 20 packets 180×52×350
HC82-25B Pieces of Cloth   20 pieces 180×60×350
HC82-63X Knitting wool, waste cotton 92×45 ≥200 150×65×452
HC82-63Q wool  tops 110×76 24/36 pieces 150×155×500
HC82-63B Sacks, pieces of cloth   100 pieces 180×85×380
HC82-63F Paper , plastic ,straw 110×75 ≥200 200×130×400
HC82-120B Sacks, pieces of cloth   100 pieces 360×80×450
HC82-120Q wool  tops 110×76 36   pieces 300×250×450
HC82-160Q wool  tops 110×76 36/48 350×300×550
HC82-200Q wool  tops 110×76 36/48 350×300×580

1.HC82-25 Series Vertical Balers
2.HC82-63 Series Standard Mill Size Baler
3.HC82-120 Series Long Stroke Baler
4.HC82-160Q High Rebound Material baler
5.HC82-200Q shrinks wrap balers

The loose material balers are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and waste recovery and so on. We have owned the self-managerial Import and Export Authority for several years. Our loose material balers have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East Africa and the Southeast Asia regions.