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HC42 Series of Square Sheet Shears

HC42 Series of Square Sheet Shears

HC42 series of square sheet shears are mainly used to cut sheet metal into different sizes. These machines function as flame cutting. The cost of production is greatly reduced.

As a China square plate shear manufacturer, the products are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and waste recovery and so on. We have owned the self-managerial Import and Export Authority for several years. Our square sheet shears have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East Africa and the Southeast Asia regions.

Parameters of Square Sheet Shear:

Type Nominal Force Blade Length Shearing Frequency Max Blade Opening Max Shearing Plate Size Power
  (KN) (MM) (time/min) (MM) (MM) (KW)
HC42-1200 1200 600/800 7-15 120 20×600 15
1200 20×1200
HC42-1600 1600 600/800 25×600 18.5
1200 25×1200
HC42-2000 2000 600/800 25×500 22
1200 25×1200
HC42-2500 2500 600/800 30×500 30
1600 30×1600
HC42-3150 3150 800 35×800 37
HC42-5000 5000 800 40×800 44
RMK: 1.Increase the blade opening size and reduce the shearing time
2.When the tensile strength of the scrap more then 450Mpa, the scrap is not allowed to shear
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