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Vertical Car Crusher

Vertical Car Crusher

Vertical car crusher is an industrial hydraulic compactor used to flatten scrap car shells prior to transporting for recycling. It is co-designed and produced in both China and Korea. The patent-registered car crusher can greatly reduce the transport cost and the wear of hammerhead. It is widely applied in scrap car recycling industries.

Sub Categories:
The vertical car crushers can be divided into two types:
1."Pancake”: Scrap automobiles are flattened by a huge descending hydraulically powered plate;
2.“Baling press”: Scrap automobiles are compressed from several directions until they resemble large cubes.

1. Vertical car crusher is of high efficiency, which will greatly reduce the compression time;
2. Up to 4 sets can be continuously inputted;
3. The pressure head of vertical car crusher runs smoothly and securely;
4. Our car crushers can be stationary or mobile.

Parameters of Vertical Car Crusher:

Dimension (L×W×H) 6080×2100×4025 mm
Feed box size (L×W×H) 5280×2000×2210 mm
Bale size (W×H) 2000×450 mm
Single cycle time about 100 seconds
Capacity about 20 sets scrap cars/hour
Total weight about 36 tons
Power 30 KW
Operation method Press button and remote control
Maximum Pressure 100 tons

MAC Industrial Co., Ltd is a key manufacturer and supplier of car crushers in China. With 7.25 million yuan register capital, MAC has grown stronger in recent years. Up to now, the company has approved by ISO9001 (2000) Quality System and CQC .Our products or company is also honored as “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product” and “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”. Besides car crusher, we also professionally produce hydraulic metal baler, hydraulic metal shear, scrap steel shredder line, loose material baler, tin cans crusher in all series.

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