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Hydraulic Metal Balers

  • HC81F-630 Scrap Metal BalerHC81F-630 scrap metal baler, also known as hydraulic metal baler, is applied in steel plants, recycling companies to press metal scraps for storing...
  • HC81F-1000 Metal Recycling Baler The HC81F-1000 metal recycling baler is suitable for cold pressing metal scraps like waste bits, scrap steel, waste oil tank and disassembled vehicle...
  • HC81F-1250 Hydraulic Metal BalerThe HC81F-1250 hydraulic metal baler is with high pressing force and easy valve control. There are three baling presses. This China steel bailing ...
  • HC81Q-1350 Scrap Steel Baler The HC81Q-1350 scrap steel baler can cold compresses waste automobile shells, waste buckets, copper and aluminum into rectangle lumps. The ...
  • HC81F-1600 Hydraulic Baler HC81F-1600 hydraulic baler can cold compress waste automobile shells, buckets, copper and aluminum into rectangle shapes ...
  • HC81F-2000 Scrap Metal Baling PressThe HC81F-2000 hydraulic scrap metal baler, also known as metal baling press machine, is used to cold compresses waste automobile shells ...
  • HC81F-2500 Heavy Duty BalerThe HC81F-2500 heavy duty horizontal baler can cold press each kind of metal including leftover bits and pieces, scrap steel, waste oil tank and ...
  • HC81T-2500 Heavy Duty Metal BalerHC81T-2500 heavy duty metal baler is used to press the leftover metal materials like steel shavings, scrap steel, aluminum, copper, stainless ...
  • HC81T-4000 Hydraulic Scrap Steel BalerHC81T-4000 hydraulic scrap steel baler is with 4000kn nominal force. This machine is mainly used in the recycling processing industry, and metal smelting ...
  • Hydraulic Dismantling Bale MachineThe hydraulic dismantling bale machine is often used to open bales of wool, cotton, chemical fibers (or loose reclaimed material and non-woven remnants) ...

This HC81 hydraulic metal balers can process every form of leftover materials, steel paring, waste aluminum into qualified charging such as square column, cylinder, octagon body and other sharps. The purpose of HC81 hydraulic metal baler is to reduce the costs of transportation and smelting. The scrap metal will be pressed in the hydraulic cylinder by compression molding. The HC81 hydraulic metal balers are classified by their nominal force.

Features of HC81 Hydraulic Metal Balers:

1. The hydraulic baling press machine is hydraulic driven and controlled by manual valve or PLC.
2. There are fore types of bale-discharging: "turn-out", "push-out", "forward-out" or manual discharging.
3. No footing bolts are needed in installation; diesel engine can be equipped for power.
4. The baling force of HC81 hydraulic metal balers are from 63 to 400 tons; productivity from 4 to 40 tons per shift (8 hours)
5. Press box size, bale size and bale shape can be customized.

The HC81 series hydraulic balers include:
1. HC81/F-630 Scrap Metal Baler
2. HC81F-1000 Metal Recycling Balers
3. HC81F-1250 Hydraulic Metal Balers
4. HC81T-1250 Scrap Steel Compactor Baler
5. HC81Q-1350 Scrap Steel Baler
6. HC81-2000Y Metal Hydraulic Baler
7. HC81F-1600 Hydraulic Balers
8. HC81T-1600 Hydraulic Non Ferrous Baler
9. HC81F-2000 Scrap Metal Baling Press
10. HC81T-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Packing Machine
11. HC81F-2500 Heavy Duty Baler
12. HC81T-2500 Heavy Duty Metal Baler
13. HC81T-3150 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Metal Baler
14. HC81T-4000 Hydraulic Metal Balers
15 HC81T-3150 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Metal Baler

Up to now, the company has approved by ISO9001 (2000) Quality System, CQC and honored by “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product”. As a member of CRRA (China's Resources Recycling Assembly), MAC is also known as “Wuxi AAA Grade Trustworthy Enterprise”. MAC Industrial Co., Ltd has realized to produce 500 balers, 800 shears, 100 shredders and 25 set scrap steel shredder line annually. The HC81 hydraulic metal balers are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.