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HC43-1200 Hydraulic Alligator Shear

HC43-1200 Hydraulic Alligator Shear

Hydraulic alligator shears are mainly applied in metal recycling companies, scrap plant to smelt and cast various shapes of steel with cold shear into qualified charging. HC43-1200hydraulic alligator shear is characterized by high safety, excellent quality, and reliability. Each shear is made from exceptional hydraulic components, bearings, and cylinders. And the shear runs in high speed with easy handle. The maximum shear force of this kind of crocodile shearing machine is 120 ton.

Features of Hydraulic Alligator Shear:
1. Large tank for oil cooling is available.
2. This shearing machine is able to lift unit from four sides.
3. The stroke length of the hydraulic alligator shear is adjustable.
4. The cylinder is easy to change.

Max Shear Force (TON): 120
Max Holding Force (TON): 20
Blade Length (MM): 600
Max Blade Opening (MM): 280
Shear Frequency (time/min): 9-16
Material Size (MM): 45×45   Ø50
Power (KW): 15
Operation: Manual Feeding, manual or automatic operation

As a professional China crocodile shearing machine supplier, our products include: Alligator Shear, hydraulic metal balers,loose material balers,horizontal balers, four column hydraulic machine, square sheet shear, metal chip briquetting presses, scrap steel shredder line and so on. Our products have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, America, Brazil, Ukraine, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Yemen, Hong Kong and South Africa, etc.

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