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HC81T-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Packing Machine

HC81T-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Packing Machine

Hydraulic metal balers are suitable for steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous and non-ferrous smelting industry to press metal scrap (steel, copper, aluminum, discarded automobiles, etc) into necessary furnace charges. The HC81T-2000 hydraulic metal packing machine with nominal force 2000kn is with highly wearable steel plates mounted at the press chamber. The bolts promote easy and quick replacement. The hydraulically operated tunnel door can be self-cleaned. The bale dimensions and weights are in accordance with steel mills specifications. The high-specific pressing force generates high bale density.

Features of Hydraulic Metal Packing Machine:
1. All this type machines is driven hydraulically. They are controlled by manual valve PLC.
2. The way of bale-discharging is: "turn-out", "push-out", "forward-out" or manual discharging.
3. No footing bolts are needed in installation.
4. The baling force falls into 10 grades from 63 to 400 tons and productivity from 4 to 40 tons per shift.
5. Press box size, bale size and bale shape can be customized.

MAC Industrial Co., Ltd has realized to produce 500 balers, 800 shears, 100 shredders and 25 set scrap steel shredder line annually. The products are widely used in the industry of metallurgy, forge and press, casting textile, chemical fiber, and Waste recovery and so on.

Parameters of Hydraulic Metal Packing Machine:

Model Nominal Force Press box size (L×W×H) Bale size (W×H) Bale Density Capacity Cycle time Power
(KN) (MM) (MM) (KG/M3) (KG/H) (S) (KW)
HC81/T-2000A 2000 1600×1200×800 (400-700)×400×400 ≥1800 2500-4000 160 30 or 37
HC81/T-2000B 2000 1800×1400×900 (400-700)×400×400 ≥1800 2500-4500 160 30 or 37
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